Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks by Samantha J

Once upon a time, there lived tiny little creatures who lived on the moon. These creatures were adventurers, but they never dared to leave outer space. They love to soar in their spaceships and watch us humans just like we love to watch them. We don’t know it, but they are out there. We actually look at them constantly. You know what everyone calls stars? They are really the lights of their ships glowing in the darkness of night. And of course, shooting stars are something rare to see, but if you do, just know that it’s a ship going haywire and crashing down to Earth. Coming in contact with one of these creatures is not rare, but they camouflage really well since they look like miniature moon rocks. Granted, you probably don’t know the difference between a moon rock and a rock you might kick on the side of the road.

But one day, a day just like all the days before for these creatures changed when they saw a rocket ship hurtling towards them. Panic arose on the moon, but this wasn’t their first time seeing a rocket. Sure enough, they knew what to do to keep everyone safe. Troops were sent out to mess with the ship’s inner controls to set them off track. The rocket went out of control and crashed. Many of the crew did not survive, but one of the astronauts lived. His name was Robert Crook.

The creatures loved to watch the humans, but were always afraid of what might happen if their two kinds met.

As Robert crawled out of the rocket, hurt, the creatures decided to help him. They will heal him, if in return he promises to leave and not tell a soul on Earth about them living there. Once he healed, Robert honored his promise and set off after making good friends with the creatures.

And even to this day if anyone ever asks about his journey, he always replies “Nothing much. Just a bunch of rocks.”

Which wasn’t a like. Just not the full truth.


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