Reference eBooks

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Reference eBooks

These reference eBooks are here for you to research subjects from history to health. Although not downloadable, you are able to read them and print from them when doing research. These books are the exact same as you would find on the shelf of the Library just in electronic format.

Nevins Non-fiction eBooks

(Methuen library card required)

Access Infobase eBooks on the following subjects:

  • Career and Education
  • Current issues
  • Geography and Culture
  • Social Issues
  • Literature and Themes
  • Science and Technology
  • World History


Salem Press eBooks

Historical Research Decades:

  • The Fifties in America
  • The Sixties in America
  • The Seventies in America
  • “Milestone Documents in American History”
  • “Milestone Documents of American Leaders”

Great Lives from History:

  • The 17th Century

Great Events from History:

  • The Middle Ages

Great events from History:

  • The 17th Century


  • Magill’s Medical Guide
  • Psychology and Mental Health