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Teen Reviews

Here you’ll find book reviews by teens like you! If you want to know what other teens think about the books they’re reading then this is the page to checkout! If you want to submit a review of your own, e-mail it to Amy at afowler@nevinslibrary.org.

Pendragon: Merchant of Death by D. J. MacHale

First off, this book is amazing! I mean, so impeccably written. To be honest, I was a little hesitant about reading Pendragon but I can assure you that it is so worth reading.

Pendragon is about Bobby Pendragon; a normal boy who had a normal life until he learns that he is a “traveler”, along with his uncle who turns out not to be his real uncle. But in this context “traveler” is not what you might think. “Travelers”, in this case, are selected people who travel, but through time and space, to prevent the destruction of “territories”. So Bobby has to drop his whole life to become a traveler – granted he didn’t have a choice. Bobby and his uncle, Press, have to save territories from the demon, Saint Dane who wants to bring chaos to every territory.

In books one, Bobby and his uncle Press travel to Denduron. In Denduron there are two tribes: the Milago, who are treated poorly by the Bedoowans. However, the Bedoowans are living like kings. The Bedoowans demand a valuable stone called glaze for Queen Kagan. However, now with Saint Dane as her assistant/duke, they are implementing more demands than the Milago can mine. Bobby documents his journeys and sends his journals to his best friend Mark, and his love interest, Courtney. The Milago men and women are fed up with the poor treatment so they rebel against the Bedoowans. Bobby was brought to Denduron to stop chaos caused by Sainted Dane.

You might think that Bobby should just have the Milagos stand up and fight the Bedoowans, well they tried that, but was it the right thing to do?

Simply, no. Because the Milago want to retaliate by bombing the Bedoowans. Of course, the supplier if this naturally flammable substance is Saint Dane, who is a shapeshifter who transformed into and old Milago merchant. Giving the Milago this substance will make them want to engage more than ever. You might say hmm…is Saint Dane trying to help the Milago or the Bedoowans? But really he doesn’t care who wins this battle. He just wants to see chaos. So Bobby Pendragon has to stop him while learning the secrets of being a traveler.

– Reviewed by Samantha J.