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Youth Services Community Feedback

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Do you have 10-15 minutes to take a survey that has been created by the Youth Services Department to help the Department (formerly the Children’s and Teen Departments) plan current and future programming and services?

We’re looking for feedback from those who fall within the 0-18 age range of Youth Services, their parents or legal guardians, as well as their caretakers or family members other than their legal guardians.

Also, from Sept. 15, 2023 to Oct. 15, 2023, those who participate in this survey will be entered for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card (3 gift cards available). Survey will be available after these dates however, gift card raffle will not apply.

You will be asked to provide a phone number for the raffle, but it will only be used for the raffle, you will not be contacted unless you are one of our winners. Also, if you wish to receive a response based on your feedback we have a space available for you to provide information at the end of the survey. But, this is not a requirement of the survey, and if no contact info is left, the survey is anonymous.

You’ll find the link to the survey below, and thank you for any and all the feedback that you provide!

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