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Library Cards

A picture of a nevins library card.

A Nevins Library card is your key to free access and borrowing from all that the Library has to offer both online and offline. It’s fast and easy to receive your first card, either by coming to the library, or by applying for one online (Please Note that the eCard will only give you access to our great Online Resources like Hoopla, Libby, our Gale Databases, etc.)

Also, if you’re here on this page because you’ve lost your card, that’s not a problem either. Replacement cards are only $2 each.

How to Get a Physical Card

Methuen Residents

  • Bring a current photo ID and proof of your Methuen address to the Main Desk.
  • Children 12 and younger can get their free library card in the Children’s Room with a
    parent or legal guardian present.
  • Use your Nevins Library card at any Massachusetts library or use it with our many Online Resources.

Methuen Teachers, Town Employees, or Methuen Property Taxpayers

  • Bring your ID and information about your employment or address to the Main Desk.
  • Receive a free library card to be used at the Nevins Library.


  • Apply for a library card in your hometown library.
  • Use your Massachusetts library card at the Nevins Library too.

How to Get an eCard Online

Who is eligible for an eCard?
Any Massachusetts resident who does not already have a library card from an MVLC library is eligible for an MVLC eCard.

How do patrons apply for an eCard?
You’ll find the application form here.

Upon completion of the form, if it is a successful application, you will see a screen that confirms your successful new full or provisional account.

You will also receive an email at the address you provided, giving you your new barcode and PIN and more information about what privileges the card offers you.

If your registration form is rejected, the screen will tell them the reason (unverifiable address, duplicate account, etc.). If you do get that screen, feel free to call us at 978-686-4080 or email us at and we’ll figure out the next step to getting you a card if we can.

What privileges does an eCard provide exactly?
If you are Fully verified , you will have access to all of the Nevins Library (like Consumer Reports & Hoopla), MVLC (Like Libby), and Statewide eResources (like Gale Databases)

You will not be able to place holds or borrow physical materials with an eCard, but if you give the Nevins Library a visit we can update your card to one with full borrowing privileges. Also, like a physical card, the eCard will have an expiration date of three years. (Don’t worry, you’ll get emails when that date is getting closer).

If you happen to not be able to be fully verified, you will receive a provisional eCard. (This can happen if your name isn’t specifically associated with a valid address or when the valid address provided is a business address. A provisional card will provide access to MVLC and Statewide resources for 30 days.

If you’re issued a provisional card, please contact us so that we can help verify your  eCard or help you apply for a physical card with full borrowing privileges.

Finally, if you are fully verified, but don’t live in Methuen, your eCard will only have access to the  MVLC and Statewide eResources, but not any additional eResources the Nevins Library. And, if you wish to borrow physical materials from our library, you just need to visit us in person to convert your account to a physical card, enabling you to borrow physical materials in MVLC libraries.

Other Library Card Questions

Is it OK to let someone else use my library card?
No, probably not. If you let your best friend, older brother, or younger sister borrow an item with your library card, and they accidentally lose it or forget to give it back on time, then YOU will receive a late fine or bill to replace the item. Be sure to report a lost card immediately so that no one else will be able to use it.

My account says that my “Library account requires renewal”
To keep our records current you need to renew your library card every three years. You’ll need to come to the library with a picture ID and the staff at the Main Desk will double check your info. If you can’t come to the library in person, please call 978-686-4080 to get help.

I am a grandparent who often visits the library with my Methuen based grandchild. May I request a card for them?
Yes. Grandparents caring for their Methuen-based grandchildren may also request a card be issued for that child, so long as it is the child’s first library card, and the grandparent accepts responsibility for all materials borrowed with the card. The parent/legal guardian of the child will be notified of this card, and will have the option of transferring responsibility to themselves, by showing proof of their Methuen address. This card should be requested in the Children’s Department.