Library Cards

A picture of a nevins library card.

A Nevins Library card is your key to free access and borrowing from all that the Library has to offer both online and offline. It’s fast and easy to receive your first card. If you lose it, no problem. Replacement cards are only $2 each. En Español

Methuen Residents

  • Bring a current photo ID and proof of your Methuen address to the Main Desk.
  • Children 12 and younger can get their free library card in the Children’s Room with a
    parent or legal guardian present.
  • Use your Nevins Library card at any Massachusetts library or use it with our many Online Resources.

Methuen Teachers, Town Employees, or Methuen Property Taxpayers

  • Bring your ID and information about your employment or address to the Main Desk.
  • Receive a free library card to be used at the Nevins Library.


  • Apply for a library card in your hometown library.
  • Use your Massachusetts library card at the Nevins Library too.

Is it OK to let someone else use my library card?
Probably not. If you let your best friend, older brother, or younger sister borrow an item with your library card, and they accidentally lose it or forget to give it back on time, then YOU will receive a late fine or bill to replace the item. Be sure to report a lost card immediately so that no one else will be able to use it.

I am a grandparent who often visits the library with my Methuen based grandchild. May I request a card for them?
Yes. Grandparents caring for their Methuen-based grandchildren may also request a card be issued for that child, so long as it is the child’s first library card, and the grandparent accepts responsibility for all materials borrowed with the card. The parent/legal guardian of the child will be notified of this card, and will have the option of transferring responsibility to themselves, by showing proof of their Methuen address. This card should be requested in the Children’s Department.