Nevins Buzz Blog

The team at the Nevins Memorial Library is happy to present the Nevins Buzz as another resource for discovering fun programs to see, new things to learn, and ways to help the Nevins Library and Methuen Community.

Mindfulness Series | Jan, 2021

Learn how to cultivate self-love, confidence, compassion, focus, concentration, stress & anxiety relief, help with navigating difficult emotions and change, and more. Led by Amy Rutledge, a Meditation Guide, Artist, and Actor, the Sessions are 30 minutes with an intro,... Read More

Mindful Moments Packets | Dec, 2020

We hope you’ve had fun and a break with these packets. Watch this space (and our Website in general) for more information on when these’ll return. Also, for what we’ll be doing next for the Mindfulness of the Methuen community…. Read More

Methuen Friendship Quilt Project | Dec, 2020

In the mid-1800s, “Friendship Quilts” were a popular way to commemorate events and memories, often with a large group of people creating the quilt for a particular person or family. These quilts were often personalized with the signatures of those… Read More

Libraries Working Towards Social Justice | Sep, 2020

The Nevins Library is proud to partner with thirteen local libraries to present a variety of virtual programs addressing topics related to social justice issues. These thought-provoking lectures and discussions will help Merrimack Valley residents (and beyond) to think about... Read More

We’re Re-opening | Jul, 2020

Hours The Nevins Library is open for all walk-in services again, and we have returned to our pre-pandemic schedule. As we begin our return to life as we knew it before the pandemic, we are asking all of our patrons... Read More

Find Sir Nevins the Bear | Jul, 2020

This year Sir Nevins the Bear, missing all his library friends, has decided to go out into the community to visit different businesses. Starting on June 28th, each week he will be hiding in a new place. To find him... Read More

Curbside Services | May, 2020

The Library is open! Go HERE for information the recommendations we have for patrons visiting us. We will still have Curbside Services though. Please note that during the pick-up portion of these services, per the state guidelines, all parties will... Read More

Teach Something | Apr, 2020

Would you like to learn something new? If you missed the videos on the Teen Facebook page, they're all archived here as well. See if there's anything you've been meaning to learn and give it a watch! Also, if you... Read More

Read the New York Times | Apr, 2020

We have a new Online Resource. You can now log into the New York Times and read it for free in four easy steps (Each time your 72 hours expires, you'll need to repeat these steps). 1. Click on the... Read More

Literacy Tutor Orientations | Mar, 2020

Want to become a Tutor with Literacy Volunteers of Methuen? Have you been looking for some way to help your fellow Methuen citizens? If you have a desire to help, a high school diploma, and a fluency in English you... Read More