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Readers’ Corner

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Looking for what to read next? In this tab you’ll find Book Lists of Fiction books in many different genres, by all sorts of authors, and about all sorts of things. Check it out and find something new to read!!

Looking for a previous year’s Best of… List? Or another list no longer on this main page? Check out our Book List Archive.

Looking for what to read next? In this tab you’ll find Book Lists of Non-Fiction books of all kinds. Check it out and find something new to read!!

Do you have a cozy reading corner you’ve been wanting to spend more time in? Do you have a group of friends who like to select books together? Maybe a little constraint helps you choose what to read next. Massachusetts Center for the Book has you covered with their 2024 Reading Challenge!

Choose a book that fits the monthly challenge. After you read, Go to their Submission Manager page and fill out the form there. And that’s it!

There are a few cool extra things too. If you’re a dedicated reader, you’ll be invited to a year-end celebration hosted by Mass Center for the Book. If you read a book in each of the 12 months, you will be entered in a drawing to win 1 of 2 totes filled with books and Massachusetts goodies. And, new this year, they’ll be drawing two names on the last day of each month to win a free book! Make sure you get those entries in before the end of the month.

Looking for others who are also participating in the challenge? This year the Mass Center of the Book has set up a 2024 Mass Reading Challenge Facebook Group too!!

Here on this page you can find a list for each month with books that may fit the challenge. You can read one of them, one that you have found, or stop by the library and see what other books we can find for you to read that fit the theme!

Looking for one of last year’s monthly themes? Check out our MassBook Challenge Lists Archive

MassBook 2024 Reading Challenge Main Page

The words January and Enero above a snow covered hill with evergreen trees scattered on it

A book you read years ago that you may feel differently about now

An off white wall with the words February and Febrero on it and cut out hearts put up with clothespins in a row under the words

A book with a color in the title

A green bed of yellow flowers with the words March and Marzo over them

A book whose protagonist has a different culture or lifestyle from you

The words April and Abril over flowers

A book about nature, the environment, or climate change

The words May and Mayo above a variety of flowers

A graphic novel

The words June and Junio next to two palm leaves, a tube of sunscreen lotion, orange sunglasses, and an orange and white shell

A book that inspired a film or television series

A flag in the shape of a heart and a blowing flag surrounding the words July and Julio

A book by an author born outside of the United States

Grasses and a dune in the front of the ocean with the words August and Agosto above them

A book whose title starts with the same letter as your birthday month

Various shades of orange leaves with the words September and Septiembre over them

A debut book by a Massachusetts author

Three pumpkins piled together near the bottom and four leaves floating around the words October and Octubre

A book about a time in history you’d like to know more about

Pumpkin pie, a scarf, and leafs all on a dark green background with the words November and Noviembre in White

A relaxing, soul-soothing book

The edges of evergreen branches and plastic snowflakes with the words December/Diciembre in the middle

A well-reviewed book in your least favorite genre

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