Last Updated: June 28, 2024

The Rebels by Joshua Green

In this account of one of our era’s defining political sagas, a national correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek traces the rise of economic populism in the Democratic Party through the interwoven stories of three outsiders who emerged in the wake of the crash to lead the charge.

The Maga diaries by Tina Nguyen

An explosive, first-person account chronicling the rise of the MAGA movement from acclaimed political journalist Tina Nguyen, who began her career–and her education–on the ground levels of the conservative recruiting machine.

Age of Revolutions by Fareed Zakaria

The CNN host and best-selling author explores the revolutions–past and present–that define the polarized and unstable age in which we live.

White Rural Rage by Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman

White Rural Rage: the Threat to American Democracy
by Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman

In this book, political scientists Thomas Schaller and Paul Waldman explore why, with all of this extra influence, the voters from smaller, less populous states that that more power than their urban counterparts, fail to see real benefits, for instance suffering worse health and education outcomes than larger states, and why they are the most likely to rage against the democratic project the moment elections stop going their way.

An American Dreamer by David Finkel

David Finkel, known for his unique, in-depth reporting, spent fifteen years immersed in Iraq war veteran Brent Cummings’s world to create this intimate, acutely observed, and beautifully written portrait of a man’s life, community, thoughts and feelings as America becomes ever more divided.

Heart of American Darkness by Robert G. Parkinson

An acclaimed historian captures the true nature of imperialism in early America, demonstrating how the frontier shaped the nation. We are divided over the history of the United States, and one of the central dividing lines is the frontier. Was it a site of heroism? Or was it where the full force of an all-powerful empire was brought to bear on Native peoples?