Methuen Magical History Tour

Did you know that you can take a walk through Methuen’s History whenever you want? It’s a self-guided walking tour (with the aid of a mobile website, more on that below) of Methuen’s past that will take you through the heart of downtown, over the Spicket River, up to the Searles Building, and back.

It’s perfect for all ages, young or young at heart, and so much fun for families with children.

And,¬†while we have had specific events for the past two years highlighting this History Walk, it’s available year-round. And, if you take any pictures during your¬†journies into Methuen History, tag us on any social media, #nevinslibrary and/or #magicalmethuen

Just go HERE in your phone’s browser and you’re off and running (well, really you probably should walk, but, that’s entirely up to you).

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