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Nintendo Switch

Three Nintendo Switch red and white controller logos in a row

Our Nintendo Switch Setup

We’re proud to provide a Nintendo Switch to our patrons for in-house use.

Our Nintendo Switch setup consists of the console unit pre-installed with games, connected to a television on a cart which can be moved throughout the library. Four Joy-Con controllers are also provided to allow groups of up to four simultaneous players in multiplayer games

Who Can Borrow the Nintendo Switch?

Any patron registered within the MVLC system and in good standing may check out the Nintendo Switch. If checked out by a minor, the parent/guardian is responsible for any loss or damage to the Nintendo Switch.

It can only be used in the designated areas of the Youth Services Department. Failure to comply with these rules or any attempt to alter the configuration of the Switch will result in the loss of Switch use privileges. If removed from the library, the borrower will be billed for the full replacement cost of the Switch and any accessories.

What are the Borrowing Rules?

The Nintendo Switch may be borrowed for 3 hours (every 24 hours) and used only inside the library. Borrowers must comply with all library behavior policies, and are required to leave their library card at the Youth Services desk while borrowing the Switch. If a minor does not have their library card, an adult card or license may be substituted. Library staff reserve the right to amend this policy/procedure to preserve equity of usage. Renewals are not permitted.

When returning it, the Switch must be returned to a member of the Youth Services staff library, and will not be lent out any later than one hour before closing, and must be returned by the quarter hour before closing, regardless of when it was borrowed.

Placing Holds & Late Returns

The Nintendo Switch cannot be placed on hold. It is available within the library on a first-come, first-served basis.

There is no fee for returning the Switch late. Library staff will end your session after your checkout period has ended.

Loss or Damage

Borrowers will be held responsible for any lost or damaged equipment. Borrowers will not be held responsible for “Joy-Con drift,” a common and unpreventable form of decay for these controllers in which they send constant unintended inputs via the thumb sticks. If the Switch or any other equipment is otherwise damaged or not working, alert a staff member as soon as possible. Lost and damaged equipment will incur replacement fees. Replacement of the Switch itself will be $375; Replacement of the TV will be $100; Replacement of a Joy-Con controller will be $85; Replacement of the HDMI Cable will be $45; Replacement of the Security Box will be $110; and Replacement of the Cart will be $185.

User Privacy & Profiles

Library staff will not monitor any activity on the Switch. And the Switch only collects basic information such as amount of time played on each game. No game requires you to sign in or create an account identifying yourself in any way, and the library has created profiles for game play. Users may not create new profiles or delete existing ones to ensure privacy of users. Any attempt to alter the configuration of the Switch is strictly prohibited and may result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Game Content, Online Content, & Other Access Info

The games on the Switch are generally appropriate for a youth audience, and fully accessible to all users, none rated higher than E10+. A full list of installed games and ratings will be provided upon request.

Most online game features will not be available, including online group play, and EShop purchasing. Accessing and purchasing downloadable content is also not permitted, even if offered in game play. Users are welcome to recommend new game purchases to staff at the Youth Service desk.

Borrower Owned Controllers and Games

Borrowers can bring their own wireless Joy-Con, Pro Controller, or third-party Nintendo Switch controller to use with the Switch, wired controllers may not be connected to the switch at any time. But, Library Staff will not be responsible for connecting borrower-owned controllers to the Switch or troubleshooting problems related to them, or any damage sustained to privately owned controls while inside the library.

Borrowers are not able to play physical copies of games they bring in.

Returning the Switch

The Switch must be returned to a Youth Services staff member. Please make sure that the Switch, the TV, and the cart are in the same good working condition as they were when it was checked out, and that the four Joy-Con controllers and the TV remote are present and in same condition as received.

Borrowers should be prepared to wait a few minutes while staff checks that the Switch and all returned items are in working order. Once this check is completed, the borrower’s library card, or other verifying material will be returned to the borrower.

Responsibilities, Privileges & Disclaimers

While checked out, the Switch remains the responsibility of the borrower. And so, borrowers should not lose control of the device.

The Nevins Library is not responsible for any files, data, or personal information accessed/transmitted using the Switch.

The library will have no liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages related to the use of the Switch, including loss of data or privacy invasions. Users and borrowers of the Switch do so at their own risk and assume full liability for their actions.

Illegal acts involving library equipment or services is governed by Library Behavior and Circulation policies.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 978-686-4080 x26

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