Little Free Libraries

Little Free Library Bookmark with people reading on top of pile of books and diverse group bringing books to little free library

What is a Little Free Library?

A Little Free Library is a free book exchange. It belongs to everyone, and everyone can use it!

In 2009, Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin started a movement by creating the first Little Free Library.  By the year 2012 there were over 2,000 little free libraries across the globe, each inspiring reading and building community.

Methuen’s Little Free Libraries

The Nevins Library, wanting to reach everyone in the community, decided to start a little free library program within Methuen.  With the help of the Methuen Rotary Club, and Diane Debs a community representative, we did just that.  Twelve months later we have ten little free library boxes throughout the community.

The ten little free libraries are placed in parks and neighborhoods throughout the city and can be accessed by anyone interested in reading (or donating) a book. Make sure to visit the tab to the right, it’ll give you the locations of all the libraries.

How Do I Use the libraries?

It’s easy, a Little Free Library is a free book exchange. It belongs to everyone, and everyone can use it!

1) If you see something you would like to read, take it. When you’re finished, share it with a friend, bring it back here, or leave it in another Little Free Library. Most of the books that we’ve seeded the libraries with will have a neat little stamp, like the picture to the right, on one of the pages.

2) It’s up to everyone to keep this Library full of good reads! Bring new books to share if you’d like, or bring back the ones you’ve read when you’re done!

3) This one is optional, but, we always love seeing people reading in the community. If you’ve found a great book at one of the Little Free Libraries, jump on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. and tag us! #nmlLittleFreeLibraries

There are ten (well, almost) Little Free Libraries in Methuen, can you find them all (Click on the Links to be taken to a Google Maps & get directions)?

On Pelham Street near the Marsh School 

Gill Ave Park

Shorty DeGaspe Park, Mystic Street

Riverside Park on Riverside Drive

Veterans Park, Milk Street

St. Andrews Church on Broadway

Rail Trail at MSPCA

Park at Lawrence and Chelmsford Sreets

Pleasant Valley Gardens, Merrimack St.


And, we’re still looking for a site on Howe St.

Our Partners

Methuen Rotary Club

Diane Debs

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