What Should I Read Next?

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Stuck for ideas about what to read next? Then this is the place for you. Check out some read-a-like lists or try some of our databases for suggestions on what to read next.

Books & Authors is an online resource designed to help public library patrons discover today’s popular fiction and non-fiction titles as well as the classics of yesterday. It also helps them answer the age-old question of “What do I read next?”

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NoveList has been helping readers find their next favorite book for more than 20 years, and continues to develop innovative solutions for connecting readers, books, and libraries.

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To get a personalized reading list, just fill out this form with information about your likes and dislikes—including your favorite settings, time periods, level of suspense, etc. Any and all information you would like to share with us will help to tailor a book list that appeals to your preferences. Once we create the list, we’ll email it to you. Please let us know if you liked our suggestions. We’re always happy to talk about books and reading. So, give this a try and let’s get the conversation started.