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Black Stories

Last Updated: March 8, 2024

A Song of Salvation by Alechia Dow

A Song of Salvation
by Alechia Dow

From the author of The Sound of Stars and The Kindred comes a YA space opera about a reincarnated god and a grumpy pilot on a mission to save a beloved space DJ and stop an intergalactic war.

All You Have To Do by Autumn Allen

All You Have to Do
by Autumn Allen

Intertwining the stories of two Black students decades apart, this compelling and honest novel follows Kevin and Gibran as they navigate similar forms of insidious racism while discovering who they want to be instead of what society tells them they are.

Bright Red Fruit by Safia Elhillo

Bright Red Fruit
by Safia Elhillo

Samira is determined to have a perfect summer filled with fun parties, exploring DC, and growing as a poet–until a scandalous rumor has her grounded and unable to leave her house. When Samira turns to a poetry forum for solace, she catches the eye of an older, charismatic poet named Horus. For the first time, Samira feels wanted. But soon she’s keeping a bigger secret than ever before–one that that could prove her reputation and jeopardize her place in her community.

Everyone's Thinking It by Aleema Omotoni

Everyone’s Thinking It
by Aleema Omotoni

Mean Girls meets Dear White People in this bighearted, sharp-witted UK boarding school story about family, friendship, and belonging—with a propulsive mystery at its heart.

I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast is Me by Jamison Shea

Ace of Spades meets House of Hollow in a thrilling horror novel about the toll of giving everything to a world that will never love you back.

My Week With Him by Joya Goffney

My Week With Him
by Joya Goffney

Nikki can’t wait to leave Texas and follow her dreams of a music career… After a painful betrayal by her sister and a heated argument with their mother, Nikki is kicked out and finds herself homeless. She decides to go to California to pursue her singing career. When her best friend, Malachai, discovers her plan to flee Texas, he begs her to spend the remainder of spring break with him. He believes that over the course of a week, he can convince her to stay in Texas, or to at least graduate high school. But their plans are interrupted when Nikki’s little sister Vae goes missing.

Out of Body by Nia Davenport

Out of Body
by Nia Davenport

When 17-year-old Megan Allen is betrayed by her best friend, LC, and targeted by LC’s enemies, she is plunged into a waking nightmare and must claim what makes her uniquely herself to get her life back– or die trying.

Pritty by Keith F. Miller, Jr.

by Keith F. Miller, Jr.

Jay is a soft soul in a world of concrete. While his older brother is everything people expect a man to be…Jay simply blends into the background to everyone, except when it comes to Leroy. Unsure of what he could have possibly done to catch the eye of the boy who could easily have anyone he wants; Jay isn’t about to ignore the surprising but welcome attention. But as everything in his world begins to heat up, especially with Leroy, whispered rumors over the murder of a young Black journalist and long-brewing territory tensions hang like a dark cloud over his neighborhood. And when Jay and Leroy find themselves caught in the crossfire, Leroy isn’t willing to be the reason Jay’s life is at risk.

Seven Minutes in Candyland by Brian Wasson

Seven Minutes in Candyland
by Brian Wasson

Sophomore Kalvin Shmelton has finally perfected his underground candy-selling hustle at school. He keeps his prices reasonable, his inventory fresh, and himself out of the drama. But when a heartbroken Sterling Glistern, Kal’s longtime crush, barges into the storage closet where he keeps his candy supply, a new source of income unexpectedly presents itself: relationship therapist. He only meant to help Sterling realize she’s dating a jerk, and maybe win her over, but news spreads fast that Kalvin’s not just the master of sweets–but hearts, too.

The Blackwoods by Brandy Colbert

The Blackwoods
by Brandy Colbert

Told from multiple points of view, Ardith and Hollis Blackwood’s lives are upended when their great-grandmother, legendary actress Blossom Blackwood, passes away, and family secrets emerge.