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Romantic Books

Last Updated: March 14, 2024

All Alone with You by Amelia Diane Coombs

All Alone with You
by Amelia Diane Coombs

To boost her college applications, seventeen-year-old Eloise, a loner girl struggling with her mental health, volunteers at a senior support center where she meets a dynamic elderly woman and a perpetually cheerful boy who challenge her to step out of her comfort zone.

Arya Khanna's Bollywood Moment by Arushi Avachat

As her sister’s wedding approaches, high school senior Arya must navigate fraught family dynamics, the fallout of her two best friends breaking up, and a tense partnership with her rival, the frustratingly attractive student council president.

Caught in a Bad Fauxmance by Elle Gonzalez Rose

Caught in a Bad Fauxmance
by Elle Gonzalez Rose

Devin Bez is prepared for a relaxing winter break after his rough, first semester of art school. Sure, his family’s old Florida lake cabin is falling apart, and everything in it reminds him of his late mom. And yes, the Baezes’ next-door neighbors, the Seo-Cookes, are still petty, but things could be worse.

Clementine and Danny Save the World (and Each Other) by Livia Blackburne

Clementine Chan believes in the power of the written word. Under the pseudonym Hibiscus, she runs a popular blog reviewing tea shops and discussing larger issues within her Chinatown community. She has a loyal, kind following, save for this one sour grape named BobaBoy888. Danny Mok is allergic to change, and the gentrification seeping into Chinatown breaks his heart. He channels his frustration into his internet alter ego, BobaBoy888, bickering with local blogger Hibiscus over all things Chinatown and tea. When a major corporation reveals plans that threaten to shut down the Mok’s beloved tea shop, Clementine and Danny find themselves working together in real life to save this community they both love. But as they fall hard for this cause–and each other–they have no clue that their online personas have been fighting for years. When the truth comes to light, can Danny and Clementine still find their happily-ever-after?

I Loved You in Another Life by David Arnold

I Loved You in Another Life
by David Arnold

Evan Taft has plans. Take a gap year in Alaska, make sure his little brother and single mother are taken care of, and continue therapy to process his father’s departure. But after his mom’s unexpected diagnosis, as Evan’s plans begin to fade, he hears something: a song no one else can hear, the voice of a mysterious singer . . . Shosh Bell has dreams. A high school theater legend, she’s headed to performing arts college in LA, a star on the rise. But when a drunk driver takes her sister’s life, that star fades to black. All that remains are a void–and a soft voice singing in her ear . . . Over it all, transcending time and space, a celestial bird brings strangers together: from an escaped murderer in 19th century Paris, to a Norwegian kosmonaut in low-earth orbit, something is happening that began long ago, and will long outlast Evan and Shosh.

Lunar New Year Love Story by Gene Luen Yang

Lunar New Year Love Story
by Gene Luen Yang

Graphic novel superstars Gene Luen Yang and LeUyen Pham join forces in this heartwarming rom-com about fate, family, and falling in love. Val is ready to give up on love. It’s led to nothing but secrets and heartbreak, and she’s pretty sure she’s cursed–no one in her family, for generations, has ever had any luck with love. But then a chance encounter with a pair of cute lion dancers sparks something in Val. Is it real love? Could this be her chance to break the family curse? Or is she destined to live with a broken heart forever?

Our Cursed Love by Julie Abe

Our Cursed Love
by Julie Abe

When a love potion gone wrong causes Cam to forget his best friend Remy completely, they travel through Tokyo to rediscover his memories, make new ones, and maybe even fall in love all over again.

Rhythm and Muse by India Hill Brown

Rhythm and Muse
by India Hill Brown

Crushing on transfer student Delia, Darren, the host of the Dillie D in the Place to Be podcast, must make a decision when his anonymous submission for her theme song contest becomes the frontrunner.

The Fall of Whit Rivera by Crystal Maldonado

The Fall of Whit Rivera
by Crystal Maldonado

Could you plan the Fall Formal with your (hot) nemesis? Whit Rivera is about to find out. Frenemies Whit and Zay have been at odds for years (ever since he broke up with her in, like, the most embarrassing way imaginable), so when they’re forced to organize the fall formal together, it’s a literal disaster. Sparks fly as Whitney — type-A, passionate, a perfectionist, and a certified sweater-weather fanatic — butts heads with Zay, a dry, relaxed skater boy who takes everything in stride. But not all of those sparks are bad… Has their feud been a big misunderstanding all along?

The Prince and the Apocalypse by Kara McDowell

Eighteen-year-old American, Wren, is stranded in England when news of an impending world-ending comet causes global chaos, but when she meets a runaway prince with an agenda of his own, she realizes he might be her only chance of getting home in time to say goodbye.