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Reader’s Best Friend

Last Updated: June 13, 2024

Dog Days Forever by Shannon Richard

Dog Days Forever
by Shannon Richard

Years after Caroline Buchanan suddenly ended her engagement to Max Abbott, she is unwillingly reunited with him when he returns to their North Carolina hometown, but after taking in an abandoned puppy who opens her heart, Caroline wonders if she could also learn to love Max again.

Good Dog, Bad Cop by David Rosenfelt

Good Dog, Bad Cop
by David Rosenfelt

The K Team enjoys investigating cold cases for the Paterson Police Department. Corey Douglas, his K-9 partner Simon Garfunkel, Laurie Collins, and Marcus Clark even get to choose which cases they’d like to pursue. Corey’s former mentor, Jimmy Dietrich, had his whole identity wrapped up in being a cop. Not long after retiring, two bodies were pulled from the Passaic River. A local woman, Susan Avery, and Jimmy Dietrich. With no true evidence available, the deaths went unsolved and the case declared cold. With this case, the K Team has the opportunity to find the real murderer.

Confessions of a Canine Drama Queen by Stefanie London

A Manhattan dog trainer agrees to help her best friend’s older brother, who also happens to be her ex, train his over-dramatic husky.

Dogged by Death by Laura Scott

Dogged by Death
by Laura Scott

After losing her fiancé, her clinic, and all her savings, veterinarian Ally Winter moves back to Willow Bluff, Wisconsin and becomes accidentally involved when a sleazy lawyer is murdered in his home office with his Boxer the only witness.

Up on the Woof Top by Spencer Quinn

Up on the Woof Top
by Spencer Quinn

Chet the dog, “the most lovable narrator in all of crime fiction” (Boston Globe) and his human partner Bernie Little find themselves high in the mountains this holiday season to help Dame Ariadne Carlisle, a renowned author of bestselling Christmas mysteries, find Rudy, her lead reindeer and good luck charm, who has gone missing.