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Last Updated: June 18, 2024

My Life with Sea Turtles: a Marine Biologist’s Quest to Protect One of the Most Ancient Animals on Earth by Christine Figgene

In this evocative book, marine biologist Christine Figgener recounts her own life spent studying and protecting sea turtles. Through discovering the fascinating science of sea turtles and the threats they face today, readers will be inspired to live their own lives differently to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures.

Blood Memory: The Tragic Decline and Improbable Resurrection of the American Buffalo by Dayton Duncan

The epic story of the buffalo in America, from prehistoric times to today-a moving and beautifully illustrated work of natural history. The American buffalo-our nation’s official mammal-is an improbable, shaggy beast that has found itself at the center of many of our most mythic and sometimes heartbreaking tales. This is the rich and complicated story of a young republic’s heedless rush to conquer a continent, but also of the dawn of the conservation era-a story of America at its very best and worst.

Secrets of the Octopus by Sy Montgomery

Secrets of the Octopus
by Sy Montgomery

This book reveals new science and remarkable discoveries about the octopus, one of nature’s most elusive and intelligent animals.

Dogland: Passion, Glory, and Lots of Slobber at the Westminster Dog Show by Tommy Tomlinson

From Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of The Elephant in the Room comes the first inside account of the Westminster Dog Show-America’s oldest and most beloved dog show-following one dog on his quest to become a champion.

The Backyard Bird Chronicles written and illustrated by Amy Tan

In 2016, author Amy Tan grew overwhelmed by the state of the world: Hatred and misinformation became a daily presence on social media, and the country felt more divisive than ever. In search of peace, Tan turned toward the natural world just beyond her window and, specifically, the birds flocking to the feeders in her yard. But what began as an attempt to find solace turned into something far greater–an opportunity to savor quiet moments during a volatile time, connect to nature in a meaningful way, and imagine the intricate lives of the birds she admired.