Using Libby

Libby is the name of the App that you can use on Apple and Android devices to read books from the Overdrive Catalog. And, to use it all you need is a library card.

If you don’t have a library card, email us at with your information and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Then you can get started using Libby. We would recommend doing the following steps on a WiFi connection (at home, or even in our parking lot) if you can, since especially if you want to listen to eAudiobooks, they are not small (eBooks and Magazines are much smaller).

1) Go to your device’s App store.

If you have an Apple product (some sort of iPad or iPhone) you will need to go to the App Store. If you have an Android product (Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, HTC, etc) then you’ll need to go to the Play Store.

2) Search for Libby, by Overdrive, and download the app. It’s a free app, made by Overdrive, Inc.

Here’s what the Libby App Icon will look like:



3) Open the App. The first screen you’ll see is one that asks if you have a library card. If you don’t, please email us at before continuing. If you have a card, or once you have a card, tap on Yes.





4) There are two ways that you can find your nearest library. You can either use your phone/tablet’s location to find it, or, you can enter your Zip Code (01844) to find the library.





5) You’ve tapped on ‘I’ll Search For a Library’. Now you just need to enter your Zip Code in the box. (We’re sooo close, I swear). It will bring up your results, at the top of which will be the ‘Merrimack Valley Library Consortium’. Tap on it.







6) You’ll see ‘Enter Your Account Details’. Enter the library barcode numbers from the back of your card, with no spaces (and with no black bar over the end) into the box. Tap sign in.






7) You’re in! All you need to do is tap Next and you will be brought to the MVLC Overdrive Catalog. That’s where you can search for eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines. If you need help doing that, continue to to the next tab at the top of this page.



Libby has two areas, Library and Shelf.

Here we see Library. It looks just like the Overdrive Website if you used it a PC. It’s where you can search for books/magazines to read or listen to. All you have to do is tap where it says ‘Search for a Book’ and put in part or all of a title or author and it will give you a page of results.

If you see a couple of cute little ear bud looking things then it is an eAudiobook (like King Henry IV in the screenshot). If it has nothing under it then it is an eBook or eMagazine (like Much Ado About Nothing in the screenshot).

There are also two statuses that the books can  have. It can be available, in which case there is a ‘Borrow’ button next to it, or unavailable, in which case it has a ‘Place Hold’ button.

Once you know what you want to read or listen to, tap on its cover. That will bring up a screen that has a big Borrow button on it. Tap on that.

From the next screen that comes up you can either start reading or listening (the eAudiobooks will take much longer to download than eBooks or eMagazines), or, continue browsing and downloading more books.

If you’re coming back to the App, you’ll find all the books that you’ve put on hold and downloaded in ‘Shelf’ at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see the book on ‘Recent Loans’ then tap on the ‘Loans’ button. Or, if you want to know if anything is ready from  your Hold list, tap ‘Holds’.

Want to return a book early? Tap on ‘Manage Loan’, and a pop up will appear with that option as well as the due date and the option to Renew the book.

One final tip. If you want to see your download settings, tap the small button that says ‘Actions’ (to the right of where it says Recent Loans). When you tap that you can synchronize your library (if it doesn’t automatically sync itself), and you can look at your download settings.

It’s recommended to keep the settings as they are, downloading everything, and doing it only by WiFi. Something especially important for those listening to eAudiobooks (since they’re big!)

If you run into any trouble, please feel free to contact us, either using the Contact Us page or We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Is the book you want to read not available right away in MVLC? Or does the MVLC not own the book at all? That’s okay. As of last year, just like with physical books, you can get eBooks from other libraries in the state as well!!

First thing we have to do is add a new card to the App again. In the upper right corner of the screen tap on the small libby looking head (To the right of the Search for a Book… box. It may also have a number over it too). Then tap on Add Library.



That will bring up the library search box that you saw when setting up the Nevins Library Card. You can enter most of the State’s Networks, like SAILS in the picture (here’s a list of all of them) and that will bring them up just as easily as remembering that Winchester is in the Minuteman Library Network (it is). But, we’re going to add Boston first, because the BPL has one of the largest eBook collections in the state. Tap on the button that has Boston Public Library’s information. It will bring up the BPL Overdrive Homepage.


At the bottom right of the screen there is a message that says, “Let’s add a library card for Boston Public Library”.

Since we don’t have a Boston card, we want to tap on the “I’m Visiting From Another Library” It will then ask for a library card number. Enter your Nevins library card number.




If you don’t see that message, just tap on the Libby head again and ‘See Library Cards’. And then choose your home library just like above, and enter your library card number.

Now, we can browse and take out eBooks, eAudiobooks, eVideos from the Boston Public Library as well as Nevins. From the screen you can also Rename the card right away (or if you want to go back and rename it, simply tap on where it says ‘Actions’ on the Linked Card.

As seen in the final screenshot, you can add libraries from all the State’s Networks, from C/W MARS in the west to SAILS and CLAMS in the south.

If you run into any trouble, please feel free to contact us, either using the Contact Us page or We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.