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Graphic Medicine: Where Health and Comics Meet

March 12 at 7pm (In Person)

Join us as Professor A. David Lewis presents an overview of graphic medicine in general, especially in comparison to the rise of other media studies.

Then, he’ll take a slightly deeper dive into his research in the field, specifically cancer narratives and instances of health-related loneliness.

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Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived &Well-Drawn!

March 4 through April 13

The Nevins Library has the honor to host the The National Library of Medicine produced Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived &Well-Drawn! traveling banner exhibition throughout the main floor, guest curated by artist, educator, and New York Times bestselling author Ellen Forney (Cornish College of the Arts, WA).

The exhibition as well as the Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived &Well-Drawn! companion website explore an emerging genre of medical literature that combines the art of comics and personal illness narrative. People have told stories of illness from the perspective of their personal experiences using many mediums. The art of comics, which combines words and pictures, gives approachability and emotional impact to these personal stories, and even to the clinical data they sometimes include.

The National Library of Medicine produced this exhibition and companion website.


What is Graphic Medicine?

Graphic medicine is the term used to describe the combination of the graphic novel medium with health information.

Many authors and illustrators use graphic medicine as a way to tell personal stories of illness and health in the comic format. The combined language of words and pictures gives approachability and emotional impact to these personal stories as well.

For how long can I borrow a Graphic Medicine Kit?

How long can I borrow a Graphic Medicine Kit for?

These kits can be checked out for 3 weeks (like our books) and may be renewed for an additional 3 weeks. Please return both the bag and graphic novels. However, the informational materials, printouts, and wallet cards from the kit are yours to keep!

What is in a Nevins Library Graphic Medicine Kit?

Our kits combine 2-4 graphic novels, appropriate for adults and mature teens, on a mental or physical health topic with consumer health materials from trustworthy organizations.

Where do I find the Graphic Medicine Kits?

These kits, and other adult graphic medicine titles, are located in the Adult Graphic Novel collection in the back of the Old Reading Room.

Kits You Can Borrow

All kits include Informational Materials as well as a short “What is a Graphic Novel” primer.