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Three Little Kittens
by Steven Anderson

These little kittens are having a tough day! Wet, dry, dirty, clean—oh my! Learn about opposites and everything these silly kittens go through when they accidentally lose their mittens.

Sun Above and Blooms Below
by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky

It’s still a little cold and wet outside, but it’s warm and dry inside the barn where the eggs are waiting. You’ll find things that are big and little, short and tall.

One Windy Day
by Tammi Salzano

Learn opposites with Fox! Fox, the mail carrier, loves windy days. But on one particular windy day the mail to be delivered starts to blow away.

Black? White! Day? Night!
by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Through a series of ingenious die-cut pages, the reader discovers things that are the opposite of what they seem. A bat, a ghost; a sunny day, a starry night.

Andy is small. Sandy is tall. Andy is quiet. Sandy is LOUD. Andy and Sandy may be opposites, but they’re best friends. Playing dress up, anything can happen.

by Patricia Intriago

Dots here, dots there, you can see dots everywhere! Some are loud, some are quiet. Some are happy, some are sad. Some dots even taste yummy, while others taste bad.

Big Bear, Small Mouse
by Karma Wilson

A big bear and a small mouse discover all of the opposites between their animal friends.

Dinosaur Roar!
by Paul and Henrietta Stickland

Illustrations and rhyming text present all kinds of dinosaurs, including ones that are sweet, grumpy, spiky, or lumpy.

An enthusiastic dog and less-enthusiastic cat illustrate opposites through an exciting chase.

Maisy Big, Maisy Small
by Lucy Cousins

Maisy the mouse demonstrates pairs of opposites, including thick and thin, tall and short, young and old, and wiggly and straight.

by Janik Coat

Simple text on board pages describes opposite aspects of a hippopotamus.