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Save the Planet

Last Updated: September 29, 2023

I Can Save the Earth! by Alison Inches

I Can Save the Earth!
by Alison Inches

Max is a little monster who likes to litter and never, ever recycles. Then the electricity goes out and he sees how exciting and beautiful the Earth is– and that it will need his help to stay that way

Celebrating Earth Day by M.J. York

Celebrating Earth Day
by M.J. York

Engage readers with a story of celebrating Earth Day. Readers are introduced to Earth Day activities, such as planting trees or cleaning up litter.

Nature Crafts by Ruth Owen

Nature Crafts
by Ruth Owen

Readers learn how to turn recycled materials into various craft projects.

Katie Saves the Earth by Fran Manushkin

Katie Saves the Earth
by Fran Manushkin

With Earth Day coming up, Katie decides to have a yard sale with her friends and recycle her old toys.

The Polar Bears' Home: A Story About Global Warming by Lara Bergen

Come along on an Arctic adventure with a little girl and her father and learn all about polar bears and the effects of global warming. Includes tips for kids on what they can do to help slow down global warming.

SpongeBob Goes Green!: An Earth-Friendly Adventure by Molly Reisner

When SpongeBob messes with Mother Nature, he brings global warming on Bikini Bottom! Can he reverse the damage he’s caused before it’s too late?

Animals and Climate Change by Nicole Shea

Introduces global warming and discusses the effects of the climate changes on different animals.

The Magic School Bus and The Climate Challenge by Joanna Cole

Ms. Frizzle takes her kids on a whirlwind tour, from the Arctic to the equator so they can see telltale signs of climate change.

Max Goes to the Recycling Center by Adria F. Klein

Max and his class visit the recycling center where they learn they can recycle paper, cans, glass, and plastic.

Storyland Yoga

A fun-filled adventure that enlightens children with an eco-conscious message. Kids learn yoga postures by becoming a part of the story and imitating animals. By connecting with nature and gaining respect for their own health and well-being, children become empowered to create solutions for the health and sustainability of the planet.