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Last Updated: September 29, 2023

A Friend For Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo

A Friend For Yoga Bunny
by Brian Russo

Running into Bear who is anxious about celebrating her birthday, Yoga Bunny shows her yoga poses, meditation warm-ups, and deep breathing exercises to help her enjoy her day.

I Am Yoga by Susan Verde

I Am Yoga
by Susan Verde

As a young girl practices various standard yoga poses, she imagines herself as a tree touching the sky, a playful dog, a warrior, and more while relaxing and seeing how she fits into the world.

Twist: Yoga Poems by Janet S. Wong

Twist: Yoga Poems
by Janet S. Wong

A collection of sixteen original poems sure to inspire even the youngest yogi! Feel the damp soil beneath you as Cobra, and grab hold of a star as Half-Moon. From Low Crow to Eagle and from Triangle to Tree, yoga comes alive with Janet S. Wong’s artful creativity. Add vibrant illustrations by Julie Paschkis, and each pose is no longer simply a stretching position, but a picture and a story that will exercise the imagination as well as the body.

A Little Calm Spot: A Story About Yoga and Feeling Focused by Diane Alber

A little Calm SPOT is a story about how using breathing, movement and mindset can help overcome some the biggest emotions. This book is full of fun illustrations that will inspire children to try belly breathing and yoga!

The ABCs of Yoga For Kids by Teresa Anne Power

The ABCs of Yoga For Kids
by Teresa Anne Power

This book uses the alphabet, rhyming vignettes, and colorful illustrations to introduce children to yoga in a kid-friendly way. Features fifty-six different poses.

You Are a Lion!: And Other Fun Yoga Poses by Taeeun Yoo

Children pretend to be many different animals as they do various yoga poses

My Daddy is a Pretzel by Baron Baptiste

My Daddy is a Pretzel
by Baron Baptiste

While other children’s parents are veterinarians, gardeners, and builders, one father is able to become a dog, a tree, and a bridge using various yoga poses.

Unicorn Yoga by Gina Cascone and Bryony Williams Sheppard

Unicorn Yoga
by Gina Cascone & Bryony Williams Sheppard

Through easy-to-follow instructions, a unicorn yogi leads readers through a ten-pose class. Back matter provides additional information on yoga, as well as tips on mindfulness

Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story by Mariam Gates

Good Night Yoga is both a bedtime story and a series of simple poses for following the natural world as it comes to rest at day’s end.

Mindful Little Yogis: Self-Regulation Tools to Empower Kids With Special Needs to Breathe and Relax by Nicola Harvey

This practical and creative book is filled with simple calming activities to help children find a sense of peace and settle heightened emotions during busy times. Each activity is easily-adaptable for different ability levels, providing a handy bank of self-regulation tools that can be used at any time in a range of settings.