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Internet/Wifi Access

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Nevins Library Internet and Computer Use Policy
The Nevins Library provides Internet/Wifi Access as an important resource for valuable information. Due to the unique nature of this tool, patrons are advised to use care and good judgment when online. The Library does not use any means of filters to access user information, but may monitor usage. Parents are urged to supervise their children’s time on the internet and to educate them regarding safe online practices. Patrons are reminded that the Library’s computer terminals are located in public areas shared with staff members and patrons of all ages, backgrounds, and sensibilities. Individuals are expected to show respect for the sensibilities of others when accessing potentially sensitive material.

Please don’t send, receive, or display text or graphics which may be deemed pornographic according to state, local, or federal laws.

Nevins Memorial Library Wifi Usage Policy

The Nevins Library provides an unfiltered wireless Internet hot-spot. This service is for patrons with wireless-capable devices, such as laptops and handheld computers. This service is intended to be available during the normal operating hours. However, the Library cannot guarantee that wireless service will be available at any specific time.

  • Wireless networks are not secure and use is at the individual’s own risk. Virus, security, and privacy protection are the responsibility of the patron and are not provided by the library.
  • The Library is not responsible for any damage to data files, alteration to file systems, or functionality of the computer resulting from connecting to the wireless network.
  • The Library is not responsible for damage, theft, loss of property, personal information, software, or other personal property used in the library.
  • The Library cannot guarantee Internet speed or quality of the connection.
  • The Library does not supply electrical power for patron equipment. The patron is responsible for supplying charged batteries.
  • The Library does not supply printing on the wireless network. Patrons are encouraged to save all material for printing to accessible applications and use the public computers to print any required documents or images. Black and white printing is available for $0.15 and color prints are $0.45 per page.
  • The Wifi connection cannot be used for illegal purposes, nor shall it be used in any way that violates Library policies.

For the Comfort and Convenience of All

  • Patrons request use of a computer at the Library’s Reservation Station.
  • There is a three hour per day time limit for all MVLC cardholders and guest pass users.
  • Patrons may use the computers for up to one hour, then request time extensions in increments of thirty minutes. If there is someone waiting, the user will be required to log off and reserve additional time at the next available computer.
  • Each computer will give the user an alert notice at fifteen minutes, five minutes, and one minute before shutting down automatically. Pay attention to these warnings and save your work often.
  • Two computers are specifically assigned as express computers with a fifteen minute time limit. Patrons are unable to extend time at these stations.
  • Patrons log into the computer using their own unique MVLC card number.
  • Save work onto an external drive, USB, or Flash drive. Work may not be saved onto public computers. The Library is not responsible for lost work. BE SURE TO SAVE APPROPRIATELY.
  • Patrons must use headphones when listening to media. They can either use their own or purchase a pair at the reference desk.
  • Computers shut down automatically at 8:55 pm. Be sure to save or print prior to then.
  • Printing is available from all computers:
    15 cents per black and white page
    45 cents per color page.
    Please note that double-sided printing is considered 2 pages.
  • Patrons should preview and print their work pages with care. Once printing is complete the Library is not responsible for mistakes and must charge per page to reprint.
  • Patrons retrieve print jobs at the Print Station using their unique MVLC card number or guest pass.
  • Library staff will assist with basic issues, but patrons should have comfort level and understanding of the technology. Staff cannot fairly devote unlimited time to resolving individual issues. Patrons may sign up for a free tutorial with the Technology Librarian for more in-depth assistance with the computers.
  • Children 10 or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using the computers.
  • Maximum of two people at any one computer at any given time.