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Best Fiction of 2022

Trust by Hernan Diaz

by Hernan Diaz

Taking place in 1920s New York City, two sophisticated characters, one a Wall Street tycoon, the other the brilliant daughter of penniless aristocrats, come together.

Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

Young Mungo
by Douglas Stuart

Mungo and James live in a hyper-masculine, gang-filled, violent environment where they should be enemies. Yet, they fall in love. When Mungo is sent away, he will need strength and courage to get back to James.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

A modern love story about two childhood friends, Sam, raised by an actress mother in LA’s Koreatown, and Sadie, from the wealthy Jewish enclave of Beverly Hills, who reunite as adults to create video games, finding an intimacy in digital worlds that eludes them in their real lives.

All This Could Be Different by Sarah Thankam Mathews

All This Could Be Different
by Sarah Thankam Mathews

Taking place in 21st century America, Indian-American immigrant Sneha has an entry-level consulting job that allows her to send money home to India to her parents, and she begins to date Marina, a beautiful dancer. Yet, suddenly, it all starts to fall apart. This novel is a self-discovery journey for Sneha as she learns what it means to devote oneself to others in search of a better world.

The Candy House by Jennifer Egan

The Candy House
by Jennifer Egan

It’s 2010 and Bix Bouton is 40 and desperate for a new idea when he stumbles into a conversation group, mostly Columbia professors, one of whom is experimenting with downloading or “externalizing” memory. Within a decade, Bix’s new technology, “Own Your Unconscious”-that allows you access to every memory you’ve ever had, and to share every memory in exchange for access to the memories of others-has seduced multitudes. But not everyone.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Lessons in Chemistry
by Bonnie Garmus

It’s the 1960s and Elizabeth Zott is a scientist, yet her peers are very unscientific when it comes to equality. She has a ruin encounter with Calvin Evans who is a Nobel-nominee. Three years later, Elizabeth is an unwed single mother and the star of America’s most beloved cooking show, in which she not only teaches women how to cook, but how to change the status quo.